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First Article Inspection

Quickly create your ballooned drawings and FAI forms with DISCUS

DISCUS is the foundation tool for organizing and analyzing the Technical Data Package for manufacturing & quality planning. Specifically designed to enable you to organize an intelligent TDP, DISCUS quickly captures all the requirements.

DISCUS will:

  • Reduce the time it takes to produce a First Article Inspection (AS9102, PPAP, Part 820) and ballooned drawing by 50% to 80%.
  • Help reduce quality escapes that come from overlooking requirements
  • Consolidate all requirements into accountability check list, keeping drawing and inspection sheet in sync
  • Enable you to use the same process and tool for all your customers, DISCUS handles customer-specific formatting requirements and can upload to your internal Inspection Sheets.
  • Allow you to upload characteristic data into web-based First Article Inspection Reporting applications in use at many primes/OEMs.
  • Minimize manual data entry by capturing annotations in an image format

DISCUS MSExcel Inspection Sheet

DISCUS does all this, plus much more, while being installed and configured with ease. The user interface is intuitive, so you can be up and running in minutes.

The DISCUS solution for FAI enables compliance with AS9102, PPAP, or Part 820.

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"Manufacturing now doesn't have to wait for Quality to do the paperwork; it's done within hours of receiving a completed process from Engineering. [DISCUS] has shortened cycle times to hours from days resulting in labor savings that paid for DISCUS the first time we used it." – Harry Crossman, Quality Assurance Engineer, Turbine Engine Components Technologies